Gary McGaghey

Chief Financial Officer in London, UK

Gary McGaghey

Chief Financial Officer in London, UK

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Gary McGaghey currently is with Williams Lea Tag as the company’s Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO). He’s been with the company for nearly two years, and has extensive experience in CFO roles.

Educational Degrees

Gary McGaghey began his educational career at the University of Natal, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He then studied at the University of South Africa, completing a Postgraduate Bachelor of Commerce with honors. Upon completing his formal degree work, he began a career in high-level financial and accounting roles.

Career Positions

From 1993 to 2002, Gary McGaghey held positions at various private companies that would eventually be acquired by Unilever Plc. During this time, McGaghey was a Commercial Director (Homecare Ltd), CFO and Committee Member (Baker Street Snacks Ltd.), Vice President (VP) of Group Logistics (Robertsons Group) and CFO and Audit Committee Member (Robertsons Foods Ltd.).

When Unilever acquired Robertsons in 2002, McGaghey transitioned to Unilever and remained with the company for 15 years. While at Unilever, McGaghey was involved with the aforementioned companies, Unilever South Africa, Unilever, and Pepsi Lipton International. Most of his positions at these companies were CFO, Group CFO and VP of Finances, although he also acted as Global M&A Director (Unilever) and Interim CEO (Unilever South Africa).

In 2017, McGaghey left Unilever’s Pepsi Lipton International joint venture for Nelsons. He was Nelson’s Group CFO, serving as Statutory Director, a Member of the Executive Board and the Company Secretary.

McGaghey joined Williams Lea Tag in September of 2019 and has remained with the company since. He’s the Group CFO, overseeing all financial aspects of the company’s €1.3 billion revenues.

Certificates and Credentials

Since completing his academic work and throughout his career, Gary McGaghey has earned several certificates and credentials. He’s a Chartered Accountant in South Africa and a Chartered Management Accountant in the United Kingdom. He also has completed a Non-Director Executive Diploma through the accredited Financial Times.

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